What Do I Offer?

Free Advice

If you have a question I can give a quick answer to, just send me an email and I'll either answer it, point you in the right direction, or admit defeat. Or send you a quote. And it really is free.

Free Quotes

You want the best price when you get work done, but you want the job done properly. So why not ask for a quote, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

I'll quote you a price based on my time, and any parts required. If I can get the parts cheaper in the mean time, the quote will be adjusted to reflect that. If I spend less time than I envisage, then the price you pay will reflect that. If I spend more time than I quote for, then the cost of my time will not be increased - I pay for my mistakes, not you.

No fix, no fee.


Anything from the basics - using email, using a word-processor etc - to building web sites and creating desktop applications.


Very often theses days, it's simpler and cheaper in the long run to buy a new computer. Sometimes, though, you just need more disk space, more memory, you want a TV tuner, new software, to add another screen and so on. If so, let me know

Backup Strategies

You need to be taking backups. Ask yourself this: If my computer was stolen, how upset would you be? You'd have lost all that work, and maybe your music, photos, life-story, letters, email... Click here for more information.

System Recovery

Whether it's a crashed hard disk, a file deleted by mistake, or just an unusable computer for some other reason, the first thing to do is switch the computer off and use another computer to find someone to help. Things will not get better by themselves and using the computer can reduce your chances of being able to put things right again, or recover your lost files or your computer system.

There are things I can and cannot do. For example, there are companies who have clean-rooms and who will take your hard disk apart in order to get your data back. I can't do that. I will only attempt what I feel comfortable with, and will advise you of the risks beforehand. I can point you in the direction of more specialised services if you or I think it's more appropriate.

My Patch

I'm based in central Surrey, so if I need to visit you and the distance is significant, then the quote will include travelling expenses, but the quote is free, I'll answer the question for free if you can do it yourself, I can sometimes combine calls in the same area, and I like driving so I'm happy to keep the costs down.

What Do I Cost?

Currently I will charge £35 for the first hour and £25 per hour after that.

If you are interested in training - be it programming, or what to do after you've switched it on - then you might like to consider getting a group together to split the costs. For home visits, the costs are unlikely to be any higher if there are more people. For commercial training, there will be extra considerations such as handout materials, travelling expenses, setting-up time and so on. In either case please email me with your requirements and we can take it from there